Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Landon Turns 3!

Happy Birthday Landon! Ashley had a wonderful time celebrating Landon’s 3rd Birthday (and Patty’s) with the family. It appears that Landon likes his new Isotopes shirt, and blowing out his candles on his cake. The celebration continued at the Isotopes Game where we got a little rain, but still got to watch fireworks with Eddie. At one point Landon said “I am wearing the shirt, I should get to go down there (the field.) Unfortunately he did not. Next Birthday’s…Eddie’s, then Audrey’s.

                                            Happy Girls!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Girls Night Out with Sugarland!

Katelyn and I took Audrey to her first concert the other night. The answer to your question is, YES!, we spoil Audrey. While it was a VERY late night for Audrey she was a trooper and loved every minute of it. We all did actually. We danced and sang in the rain. It made for a wonderful night. We missed you Patty!  
                                           Audrey ready for Sugarland.
                                              Audrey sporting a chocolate Hitler mustache.

                                                     She is one tired girl.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Tile Floor…Finally.

Eddie and I spent about 3 weeks (at a slow pace) removing linoleum and old tile. My parents came down this past weekend (August 11th – 14th) to help us lay the new tile. Eddie and my Dad spent the better part of two days cutting and laying tile. I came in on the third day and did a majority of the grouting.  My Dad and Eddie then cut all of the new floor boards, and Eddie nailed them all in. My mom assisted with emotional support, but it was great to spend some time with her.

Words cannot express my excitement about my new tile floor. Man, I must be getting old, if new flooring makes me this happy. I have hated the linoleum in the kitchen since I moved in ten years ago. Not to mention the carpet between the front door and kitchen was very worn and dirty. Now it is all gone, and connected. The only draw back, now you will be able to tell when it is clean. Guess I will have to learn to clean it more.

I love my new tile floor. Thank you Dad for all of your expertise and help.
Freshly painted kitchen…Coming Labor Day 2011!
                                           Dad working
                                           Eddie Working (not pictured...me working)
                                           Front Door
                                           The Kitchen
                                         The Dining Area