Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Little Things: My Birthday Week

Eddie says there is no such thing as a Birthday Week, that a Birthday is just that a single day. I have to disagree with him, especially when you celebrate with different people through out the week.

On Wednesday night (the last hours of my 20’s) Eddie and I met Meghan, Matt, Cara and Justin for dinner and of course dessert at Scarpas. It was so fun to get together with everyone. I just wish I had gotten a photo.

My co-workers surprised me with a delicious ice cream cake on Friday since we had meetings all day Thursday. It was so yummy, and pretty funny watching my boss try to cut it while it was frozen solid.

On Friday night, Eddie and I continued the celebration at El Pinto. My choice for sure, Eddie sucked it up just for me. While I did not get a cocktail, I indulged in queso and lots of red chile. I was very happy and the baby did not seem to mind.

Sunday was reserved for a lunch date with Katelyn, Audrey and Patty. We loved the cheese and chocolate at the Melting Pot and Audrey did very well with her first attempts at fondue. 

Thank you everyone. I can’t wait for my Birthday Week next year. I have some making up to do!

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Little Things: Five Things I Love This Week

Baby Update: I am 15 weeks along and the baby is the size of a navel orange this week. I have yet to get a solid appetite, and I am having some issues eating meat. However, I love fresh veggies and fruit. While healthy, they don’t really help me gain weight.

1. Birthday Cupcakes from Cake Fetish – My amazing husband not only got me a cupcake, but a ½ dozen. It’s awesome because I don’t feel guilty. Ha! I am sharing with him, don’t worry.

2. Cute Maternity Jeans – Cute maternity jeans can be difficult to find, especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune. I was lucky enough to find a pair at Macy’s. The brand is Indigo Blue, they were very reasonable, and I think they look pretty good on me. They are a dark wash, so they are perfect for work.

3. Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion – Preventative measures never hurt anyone, so that’s what I am doing. Also, it smells so delicious.

4. Selling my Wedding Centerpieces, Finally! – Almost a year and a half later I finally sold my centerpieces. I received a decent amount for them, but mostly I am happy to just be rid of them. Thank you Cheryl.

5. The Help – I am very late on this, but I finally got around to watching the movie The Help, and I loved it. I can see why it’s getting a lot of nominations. It makes me want to read the book.

I had a wonderful 30th Birthday, and everyone made me feel so special. I can’t wait to continue celebrating all weekend.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Little Things: Turning 30

Tomorrow I turn the BIG 3-0! Eeeeks! Actually, I am quite all right with it. My first 30 years have been awesome and I am really looking forward to my next 30. While I have had to deal with some bad things in my life, I really tend to forget about them. I guess I focus on and remember the good things.  I am very proud of all I have accomplished in my life so far. Not only did I grow up to be a productive adult, but I received my Bachelor’s degree as well as my Master’s. I work for a company and have a career I am proud of. I have meaningful relationships that I cherish. I married my best friend and the man of my dreams, and he is an amazing husband and father. AND I am a mother (well kinda/almost!) I can’t wait for 30, I know its going to be amazing.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Little Things: The Country Club

Eddie and I are some on the newest members of Tanoan Country Club. Ha ha! No, we don’t have more money than we know what to do with, we actually get it free as one of the perks with Eddie’s new job. This is hilarious to me. If you know Eddie at all you are probably thinking this is hilarious too! Eddie is one of the most practical guys I know, and he never flaunts any wealth that we may have. After we signed all the papers, we went to breakfast at ‘the club’ and the entire time Eddie made fun of all the old rich men. I just sat there laughing at him saying wow, I can’t believe we are actually here. I personally am really looking forward to it primarily due the pool. I am pretty sure come Memorial Day, the pool is where I will be living on the weekends. It’s $5 per guest, so just let me know if you want to join me.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Little Things: Five Things I Love This Week

1. Baby Anything - I am pretty much obsessed with anything for babies right now. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking for baby things, and I often catch myself browsing the baby section at every store. At least I can say I have not bought anything for the baby yet. I wonder when that will start?

2. Loaned Maternity Wardrobe – I am so, so thankful to my friend Samantha for loaning me her maternity wardrobe. I have already added to it, and I know I will continue to do so, but it is so nice not starting with nothing. I am especially lucky because all of the seasons are the same since she had a July baby too! Thank you again Sam!

3. Beautiful Weekender Bag – One of my Christmas presents from my parents is this beautiful red leather weekender bag. My parents spent Christmas in Argentina this year, and Argentina is known for their leather goods. They bought this at the store ‘Welcome’ in Buenos Aires. I am a lucky girl.

4. New Cleaning Schedule – I use to have marathon cleaning days where I would clean my entire house, but these days I am just to tired. My friend Jessica was telling some of us how she has adapted a new cleaning schedule and that she loves it. I decided to give this a try. I scheduled it out for the month of January. I am only one week into it, but I love it already. Since I only have one task each day, I find myself doing a little deeper of a cleaning job. I really hope I can keep this up, because I think it will be great.

5. Shark Vac Then Steam – One product that is making my new cleaning schedule even better is the Shark Vac then Steam for my tile. It makes my life so easy, its eco-friendly and does not leave any streaks. It’s amazing!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Little Things: Feeling Very Proud of Myself

I am feeling very proud of myself today. So last January I had a genius idea (I think it was genius anyway.) My idea was to make a 2011 online scrapbook and update it through out the year. And, so I started my book. I took many pictures throughout the year, capturing all of the special memories. And guess what, I did it. I kept it current (well most of the time) through out the year. A few weeks ago I inserted the final pictures from Christmas and sent it to print. I picked it up last night and could not be more excited about it. I love it and it was already so fun to look at with Eddie. It was awesome to see how much Zion changed in just a year too. I used Costco.com for my book. While they do not have as many options, it is remarkably cheaper and you don’t have to pay shipping if you pick it up in the store. I highly recommend this to everyone, and since it is still January it’s the perfect time to start. I can’t wait to start my 2012 book and to continue this for the years to come. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Little Things: Second Trimester

First of all I would like to wish my mother Happy Birthday today. It is a BIG one for her, and I wish I were with her in the Bahamas!

Yay for the second trimester! Everyone says this one is the best and so far I would have to agree. My energy is coming back slowly and I am eating a lot more. I am finally back up to pre-pregnancy weight. I am supposed to gain one pound a week for the next twelve weeks. Here we go!

The baby is now the size of a lemon. Apparently lemons are bigger than peaches. It is also moving a lot, but I still have not felt anything; hopefully next month. I don’t have any new cravings or aversions to report, but I did enjoy a Dion’s sub for lunch today. I ordered it with grilled chicken instead of turkey. It was not quite as good, but it did the trick.

Here is my 14 week photo. This was taken after dinner so the bump may be a little deceiving. 

14 weeks

Happy hump day! This week has not been the best, so I am already wishing it were Friday.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Little Things: Five Things I Love This Week

1. A New Blog - I definitely was not the first of my friends to start blogging, but I am glad I was not the last either. I also love that more of my friends are blogging these days. My new favorite is my friend Meagan’s. She is also expecting a little one and is 3 weeks ahead of me. I love reading what she writes because I know what to look forward to. Her blog is http://meaganandryanreister.blogspot.com/ if you want to check it out.

2. A Necklace - Shortly after telling my sister about the peanut she ordered me this adorable necklace. I had to wait a few weeks to wear it, but now I display it proudly. Since we will not be finding out she had to go generic, but you can personalize them. Here is the website http://www.heartonyourwrist.com

3. Dinner Club – I love so much that I have close friends in Albuquerque still (so many have moved away.) The second Wednesday of everymonth we have Dinner Club and it is so much fun getting together and test new recipes. This week Jessica hosted it and made an amazing Lasagna for Italian night. I didn’t so much cook, as I prepared Caprese Salad. Everything was delicious and I am already looking forward to our Sweetheart dinner next month.

4. My Early Birthday Present – On Christmas I was given an early birthday gift from my in-laws and boy am I glad I got it early. It is a beautiful cream Michael Kors Handbag and I love it! It passed my one arm rule and the leather could not be softer. Thank you so much!!

5. Diego – As I watch my silly dog acting so pathetic with his paw bandaged, I can’t help but love him like crazy. He is the best dog and companion Eddie and I could have asked for. Not to mention he is so stinkin adorable. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Little Things: A Recovering Puppy

Eddie and I got home from work last night to a little Diego who could not walk on his front right paw. It hurt him when we dug our fingers in it and he could not stop licking it and gnawing at it. I highly suspected a prickler festering away. At 8:00 am I called our amazing vet (Hume Vet on Eubank and Comanche) and they were able to get Diego in at 11:00 am. I must already have the mother instinct because I was right! After some hair trimming and digging she pulled out two horses tails. (weed things) Diego is now sporting a purple bandage, but he is already much happier. I have a feeling he will recover quickly. Let’s see if that bandage is still on when I get home from work. Thank you Dr. Hubbard for taking care of Diego for us. 

A happy Diego again.

I can finally sleep.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Little Things: A Peach!

I am 13 weeks along and the baby is now the size of a peach. I am in my last week of my first trimester and I am really looking forward to next week. We had a doctor’s appointment today and everything looked good. All my stats are good. I got to hear the heart beat  (150) and apparently the baby was kicking a lot and doing somersaults. I hope this is not a sign of our future, as Eddie was very active as a young child and was in trouble frequently.

In case you had not heard, we will NOT be finding out the sex of the baby and we will NOT be releasing any baby names. I know this is going to be really hard on a lot of you, but just think of the excitement come July.

Here is a picture of me from last week. Thank you Jessica for taking it!


Friday, January 6, 2012

The Little Things: Five Things I Love This Week

1. A New Year – I always love the start of a new year. I love that you get organized (or have plans to.) I love that you set goals and lists of tasks to accomplish. As we all know only a few things get done as the year flys by, but the beginning of a new year is always so refreshing.

Sure did miss this!

2. St. Ives Face Scrub – I know many people think it’s too abrasive, but I love it. There is something so satisfying about giving your face a good scrub. Plus it’s really cheap.

3. Coffee – Again, finally! (Decaf of course.) It’s been about 8 weeks since I really enjoyed coffee, so this is very exciting. I even purchased a new espresso maker in an effort to drink more milk. Eddie say’s that was a lame excuse, but at least I am getting a glass of milk a day.

4. Telling almost all of my friends and coworkers – It is such a relief to finally be able to tell everyone. If I didn’t the bump would have. It is so much fun having everyone so excited for you.

5. A 12 Week Photo Session – Just because I can! Today I had my friend Jessica take a few pictures of the 12 week belly. Kinda funny cause its so small, but fun none the less. I will post a few next week.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Little Things: A New Addition

12 weeks, trying to emphasize the little bump. 
I am so happy to announce that Eddie and I are expecting a new addition to our Family come July. We could not be more excited. I am 12 weeks along and my due date is July 16th. I lost a few pounds early on, by my appetite is back so hopefully I gain those back plus some more soon. Even 3 trips to In and Out did not help with that. I am not quite in Maternity Clothes yet, but regular pants don’t fit me anymore. I have a little bump as you can see above. I don’t have any cravings per say, but I like fruit and juice now, especially cuties and orange juice. I don’t have any major food aversions, but some foods do gross me out. The only symptom I am experiencing now is fatigue. The thing I miss the most right now is a Dion’s sub. (You can’t eat deli meat.) I am really looking forward to our Doctors appointment next week. Hopefully we get another ultrasound and it looks like a baby this time.

This is not facebook knowledge yet, so please do not post anything. Thank you.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Little Things: Vacation!

As you can tell from being MIA, we were on vacation. We had an amazing Christmas and New Years!

Zion flew in to Albuquerque a week before Christmas. We had a great Albuquerque Christmas where he made out with lots of gifts. We took our time driving to California and stopped at the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff for the night. The Grand Canyon was freezing! Try 25 degrees and snowing. We really only stayed long enough for the breathtaking views and the required photos.
Representing ABQ at Alpine Pizza in Flagstaff

We made our way to California in time for some beautiful Christmas Weather and a wonderful time with family and friends. Our California trips are always too short.
So excited for presents

Gotta take the Lobo's to Cali

After California we spent two nights in Las Vegas with Paul and Sara. The boys got some poker time in (not enough I was told) while Sara and I did plenty of shopping and a spa day. On Wednesday night we had a night on the town courtesy of Uncle Mike and the Las Vegas 51’s. We went to a delicious dinner at Ferraro’s and saw the Blue Man Group. Thank you again Uncle Mike.
Terrible pic, but it is all we got.

Now we are back in Albuquerque where my parents are back from the Bahamas and Argentina. We get a few weeks with them, although it will not be enough. We had a wonderful New Years Eve at the Mileshosky’s where we rang in 2012.

While 2011 was a pretty good year we are so excited for what 2012 has in store for us. It’s going to be a big year!