Friday, March 30, 2012

The Little Things: Five Things I Love This Week

Puppy Love – You know it’s going to be a good day when your morning starts out with puppy love. And make that love from 6 puppies! A co-worker of mine who fosters animals for Watermelon Ranch in Rio Rancho stopped by with the 6 puppies that she is fostering. It is a good thing I have a baby on the way, or I just might have another fury baby. They should be available in 2 weeks if you want one.

Rebecca and I


Brunch on the Patio – Last Sunday was so nice that after Mass, Eddie and I came home and enjoyed our favorite breakfast on the back patio. It is so nice to be able to enjoy that space with great weather and fantastic company. By the way, our favorite breakfast is pancakes with Nutella, strawberries and banana’s, and of course a side of turkey bacon. I hope we can repeat that this weekend.

Coral Nail Polish – I have been loving coral nail polish on others lately. Last week I picked up my own bottle. I chose ‘Poppy’ by Revlon due to the sheen. It is great on fingers and toes!

Smoothies – I finally mastered my smoothie making. A few months ago I started making smoothies with protein powder in them when meat was not tasty. However they are so good, and good for me that I have kept making them. I start with a whole banana and one scoop of vanilla protein powder. I add milk. I never measure it, but it is probably ¼ cup. I blend that first. Then I add a handful of fresh spinach, and blend that. This sounds odd, but you don’t taste it. I then add frozen blueberries, and blend again. At the very end I add the ice. Try it, I am sure you will like it!

Stila Lip Gloss – I have been a MAC lip gloss girl for quite a while. I love the colors and I really like how it feels on my lips. Right before Christmas Costco had a pack of 8 Stila lip gloss for $20. I could not pass up a deal that good, so I bought it. I am just getting around to using them, and I love them. The colors are perfect and they feel good on my lips too! When I am all out I wonder which brand I will buy next?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Little Things: 24 Weeks

24 weeks and going strong! I am definitely starting to get anxious about childbirth and the lack of pain medication I will get due to my back. I really wish I could just skip that part and have a newborn at home. Baby E is about the size of a #10 envelope. I am still not convinced I have had any true cravings yet, but lately I seem to really like spinach. My only complaint is lack of breath. On our walks, I have to ask Eddie to slow down so I can keep up.

Here is the latest picture from the fabulous Jessica! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Little Things: You know you are pregnant when…

I had the last Doctors appointment of my second trimester today! I finally gained a decent amount of weight. The baby’s heart rate is good!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Little Things: My Boys!

Reason #1 I want a boy: I love my boys. With Eddie, Diego and Zion there is nothing better than being with your boys, and feeling so needed. I love it.

The best part of this weekend was sitting on the patio at Tractor Brewing Co. on Sunday afternoon with my boys (Eddie and Diego.) While I would have loved some beers, I settled for Cream Soda. We finally agreed on both a boy name and a girl name! Don’t ask, because were not telling!

A smile only the parents could love!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Little Things: Five Things I Love This Week

I am very happy that today is Friday. The week flew by fast, but this is going to be an amazing weekend. I wish I was going to see the Hunger Games with all of my friends tonight, but instead I will be at the Pi Phi House making sure Initiation is perfect. At least Jessica will be with me, and my date to a future Hunger Games showing.

UNM Lobos – I know it’s been almost a week since they were knocked out of the tournament, but they did such an amazing job this year. I am proud to be a Lobo!

Mini fan at my desk – With more blood in my body this season, I am definitely beginning to feel the heat. I am so in love with my mini fan at my desk. It is just enough to cool me down, yet I don’t feel wind blown.

Koko Brown by Kona Brewing Co. – I finally miss alcohol, mostly beer and wine. It does not help when Eddie comes home with this beer the other night. It is a nut brown with toasted coconut, a huge weakness of mine. I tried it, then asked for another sip, then another. Haha! I stopped there, but would have loved the whole bottle. 

Light at Night – I am not the biggest fan of daylight savings or waking up in the dark, but oh how I love it being light out later. Yet, another reason why summer is my favorite.

Audrey, my little Soccer Star – Last Saturday was finally nice enough for this Auntie to venture to the soccer fields to watch Audrey play. Getting a little sun was great, and cheering on the best player on the team was awesome! I think she scored 7 goals. She also made some pretty good turnarounds and even controlled the ball from going out of bounds. She is pretty impressive. I wanted a picture of her and I to post, however I think the best part of these pictures is what’s going on behind us.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Little Things: You know you are pregnant when…

Lately I find myself doing things I would have never let myself do prior to becoming pregnant. So, I thought it would be fun to do some posts called ‘You know you are pregnant when…’

Here is my first one. I hope you find these as comical as I do.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Little Things: Five Things I Love This Week

Jersey Shore – I am not ashamed to admit that one of my favorite guilty pleasures is Jersey Shore. Eddie and I just love it and have not missed an episode since it started. Last night was the season finale. I am sad because if they do continue the series I am not sure it will be the same. I mean how can it with Snookie engaged and preggers. The Pauly D Project is coming out later this month, hopefully that will fill any voids!

Super Helpful Husband – Eddie is usually pretty helpful around the house and I don’t have much to complain about. But, lately he has been super helpful, beyond helpful. I am so grateful for my wonderful husband, and all that is getting done lately.

Spring Weather – The weather this week has been amazing! I just wish I was on Spring Break too, so that I could enjoy it. Instead I am stuck in my office. Oh well! Its still pretty wonderful.

First Stranger Compliment – Yesterday I got my first compliment from a stranger. She said ‘Your little belly is so cute!’ I appreciated it, and it made my day.

Meatless Fridays – I know meatless Fridays are suppose to be a sacrifice, but I actually like it a lot. I make sure I get enough protein with shakes, peanut butter and beans. My health magazine actually says you should go meatless one day a week just because. Apparently it forces you to eat more fruits and veggies. I say yes!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Little Things: Baby ‘IT’

22 weeks along now and definitely looking pregnant. Last week, and especially this week I feel like the belly has grown significantly. Baby E is now the size of a small doll (Baby Cara according to Audrey,) and weighing about 1 pound. Most non-maternity shirts are to small now, and I have adopted Eddie’s shirts for pj’s. I am feeling wonderful, and I still don’t think I have any cravings. I know when Baby E is awake and when Baby E is sleeping, because if Baby E is awake, Baby E is moving like crazy!

I am now starting to understand while people find out the gender and select names so quickly. They do this so they do not call their baby ‘IT.’ I constantly find myself calling Baby E ‘IT.’ Some make fun of me, and some say I can call Baby E whatever I want since I am the mother. I like the latter. I am trying to make a conscious effort to call the baby, Baby E from now on, but she/he/name would be so much easier.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Little Things: Seeing a Celebrity

Eddie and I had a nice little Sunday afternoon. We took the long drive out to the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho for an Indoor Football game. The New Mexico Stars played the Allen Wranglers, whose star player is Terrell Owens. The place was packed!

Thanks to Anthony we had amazing seats right behind the visiting team’s bench. We had close up views of TO for the whole game. The trash talking between the fans and the Wranglers was comical, and only crossed the line a few times.

Eddie loved every minute of it, and I had a lot of fun too. This may hold him over for the off-season of football. We are already looking forward to going to the next game. Anybody want to join us?

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Little Things: Five Things I Love This Week

I have one happy husband. For the first time last night Eddie was able to feel the baby move. You should have seen how big his smile was!

My Doctor - I see Dr. Stephanie Philipedes and she is so awesome. I highly recommend her to anyone on the eastside with Lovelace Health Insurance.

Nothing Bundt Cake – A few weeks ago I bought a Groupon for Nothing Bundt Cakes and finally got around to using it. The cakes were so yummy. The chocolate, chocolate chip was our favorite, but the red velvet was really good too.

Lazy Mornings – I love my lazy mornings, and I really hope this is one thing I do not have to give up with a child. I know I won’t be sleeping in soon, but I really hope I can still have some mornings where I can wake up, and not have to race out the door. I love waking up before Eddie, and relaxing with some recorded shows or a book.

The Hunger Games – I fought this one as long as I could. I did not think I would like it, even though it was very popular. My book club chose to read it (or re-read) this month, so I gave in. I am surprised, but I liked it a lot. I can’t wait to see the movie and read the second two books.

Breathe Right Nasal Strips – Attractive, I know. However, these are a great alternative to taking medicine. I find they stay on the best if I swipe a little rubbing alcohol on my nose before putting them on. Not pretty, but very helpful.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Little Things: And…We are Nesting!

We are definitely in the nesting (and spring cleaning) phase in our house. Eddie painted the extra room and we cleaned all of our junk out of it. We also cleaned out the garage to make room for the junk from the extra room.

Eddie painted the walls soft beige, and we are planning on all white furniture for the room. Other than new carpet soon and new window treatments we will not be doing much else to the room to make it a nursery for now.  For the summer we are going to leave it as an extra room for Zion and any other summer guests. Eventually we will move the crib in there, and decorate the neutral room one-way or the other.

We have many more projects in the works to get ready for the little one.

Here is a picture from this week (21 weeks.) I did the professional ones, but forgot the one at home last week. 
I've got this pose down!