Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Little Things: Edison Xavier

It’s a Boy! Edison Xavier was born on Monday, July 9th at 8:57 am. Weighing in at 6 pounds 14 ounces and measuring 19.5 inches long.

Birth Story below…if you care.

At my 36 week pre-natal appointment, it was confirmed that Edison was still in a breeched position. While reading about versions (turning the baby) I was really unsure about that. Luckily my doctor did not think it would be successful due to my size and lack of fluids. It was decided at this appointment that I would be scheduled for a c-section delivery in my 39th week. The following week it was scheduled for Tuesday July 10th, and the waiting game began.

Due to my scoliosis surgery when I was 14, I was told that an epidural was not an option and general anesthesia would be necessary. Among other things, the bummer with this is I would be asleep and I did not want to be the last to know the gender. On Thursday, July 5th I had my last pre-natal appointment. My doctor was so nice to do an ultra sound to try and figure out the gender. I was not sure when I wanted to find this out, but I know I wanted to with Eddie, so she wrote it down and sealed the envelope. Eddie and I did not want anything to change, and I did not think I could know and not tell people, so we decided that we would open it on the way to the hospital.

Once again, Edison had to have things his way. Early Monday morning around 3:30am I started feeling contractions. I got up and started timing them. They were not consistent, but I called the message line and was told to head to the hospital. I woke up Eddie, we both showered, Katelyn came and picked up Zion and we were at the hospital by around 6:30am. We did not open the envelope because we were not sure if it was a go.

I was quickly admitted, and then things got crazy after that. The anesthesiologist was convinced that a spinal block would work on me so we decided to go that route. The benefits were that I would be awake and Eddie and I could be in the room. Again, we did not open the envelope, because we were going to find out soon enough, right? Well, the spinal block did not work like it should of and I ended up being put to sleep. However, Eddie was allowed in the room, and was able to cut the umbilical cord.

I woke up and heard people saying Edison, and asked is it a boy? I was told yes. I was shortly moved to go meet my son and be with Eddie. I had never seen Eddie hold a new born before, but he looked so happy and natural with his son. 

Our little man is perfect and we are loving every minute with him. He is doing well, and I am too!

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