Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Little Things: 6 More Weeks!

I am now at 34 weeks with only 6 more weeks until my Due Date! I had a Doctors appointment yesterday and the baby is doing well. Baby E’s heartbeat is nice and steady. My blood pressure is finally back down which is a good thing. I did manage to loose a pound, so I have been told to eat plenty of carbs and ice cream. Haha!

Unfortunately, right now Baby E is breeched. Baby E has until my next appointment to move head down or we will have to start talking about turning Baby E (which sounds VERY unpleasant.) Fingers Crossed!!!!


  1. What happens if the baby doesn't turn?? You can't get a C-Section because of your back, right?

    1. I can have a C-section, I would just get general anesthetics, which would knock me out completely and some of the drugs go to the baby. Completely safe, just not the ideal situation. I've been reading up on some 'wives tales' on how to turn a baby! I will try the frozen peas at the top of my belly. Haha!