Friday, June 8, 2012

The Little Things: Friday’s Five

I have a wonderful, yet busy, weekend ahead of me.  At least I get to sleep in, hopefully.

Parents are Home! – I am so excited that my parents are finally home for the summer. I hate waiting 6 months to see them, and I am sure it will be even harder once Baby E is here.

Tinted Windows – I have wanted to tint my car windows ever since I bought it, but apparently it was never at the top of my list. With Baby E coming in this summer heat, I decided now was finally the time. It really does make a difference. Why did I not do it sooner?

Choosing a Pediatrician – We finally got around to meeting and making the decision on our Pediatrician. We have chosen Dr. Deborah Cox at After Hours Pediatrics on Paseo. She made us feel so comfortable. I can’t wait for her to meet our little one.

Baby Showers Galore – Last weekend I attended a Baby shower for my friend Jill who is having twins! She is due in late August, but I would not be surprised if her baby girl, and baby boy come before Baby E. I had baby shower #2 on Tuesday and my last and final one will be on Sunday! I can’t wait.

Getting Pampered – Yesterday I got my hair done. This evening I am getting a mani/pedi. I will be all ready for my maternity photoshoot tomorrow and by baby shower on Sunday.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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